One trainer fits all: Nike Zoom Air Structure 2.0 Review

One trainer fits all: Nike Zoom Air Structure 2.0 Review

I’m what I like to call a ‘pick n mix’ exerciser; some days I go running and others I’m firmly planted in the weights area.

Did you know that the type of trainers you wear affects your performance in the gym? Different trainers are designed to suit specific types of training. This seems straight forward enough, but when you do a variety of styles of training it can be difficult to find a trainer that will support you for a variety of exercises.

I was approached by John Lewis to review a pair of running trainers. I chose the Nike Air Zoom Structure 2.0 trainers because I loved the grey and monochrome design; most of my trainers are purple or pink and I’d like to have some darker ones – to match my soul, jokes.

Once I’d tested them out on a variety of different exercises, I found that the Nike Air Zoom Structure 2.0 trainers do a bit of everything. Here’s why…

Nike air zoom trainer review

Nike air zoom trainer review


The Nike Air Zoom Structure 2.0 trainers are incredibly supportive when running. I’m used to wearing Nike Lunarcharge trainers which are super light-weight but these felt a lot more substantial. This isn’t a bad thing; the support makes them very comfortable, as if you’re bouncing on a cloud, and I have more protection when running outdoors compared to my Lunarcharge trainers.


Despite being in the running section of John Lewis, the soles of the Nike Air Zoom Structure 2.0 are quite flat which makes them perfect for lifting. A flat sole is better when you are doing exercises like squats and deadlifts because your feet are firmly planted on the ground providing you with more support.


I wouldn’t normally suggest wearing the same trainers to exercise in to relax in, because from personal experience my gym trainers get sweaty and smelly, but I really like how the Nike Air Zoom Structure 2.0 look. They are more rounded than usual running trainers which makes them appear more versatile, i.e. it’s not obvious that they are running trainers. Plus, as I’ve mentioned several times before, they are super comfy you feel like you have slippers on. I wore these to work the other day with skinny jeans and they felt like a dream.

Visit John Lewis to check out the rest of their trainer range; I didn’t even realise John Lewis sold trainers, but they have a huge selection from Nike and other fitness brands so it’s well worth having a look.


*Thanks to John Lewis for sending me a complementary pair of Nike Zoom Air Structure trainers to review. All opinions are my own.