GF8WG week 4 update: Losing my mojo

GF8WG week 4 update: Losing my mojo

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It’s week four of the GraceFit Guide and I have lost my mojo. Not completely, but I haven’t felt as eager to work out and eat as healthily as I did previously.  It had to happen sometime didn’t it? I couldn’t transform my life and become this new person who is always motivated to go to the gym in four weeks.

I didn’t go to the gym as much as I wanted to this week, partly because I was away with work for two days, but also because on one of the days I just felt rubbish and I didn’t want to go. What I wanted to do was eat an entire bar of galaxy chocolate and watch my favourite program in bed. And that’s exactly what I did.

On Thursday I tried to make up for missing three days by doing two workouts in the programme back-to-back. I did legs and then arms & chest and then went straight to work. I was so tired, grumpy and hungry by the time I got home from work that I just went straight to sleep. On Friday I fully planned to do my booty session, but when the time came I felt exhausted and I couldn’t motivate myself to go so I skipped it.

On Saturday I spent a lovely day with my bestie Ellie (and a piece of cake) and I planned to gym it in the evening. But the same feeling of avoiding the gym started to loom over me. Instead of falling into the pattern of the last few days, I forced myself to leave for the gym and once I was there I really enjoyed my workout. The workouts are never a problem, it’s just motivating myself to stay on track.  I did booty and abs and then went home wondering why I put it off so much.  Sunday I woke up feeling more like myself. I completed back & shoulders and did some cardio (which I actually enjoyed, weird) and felt ready to get stuck back into the programme.

I suppose everyone loses motivation temporarily. I’m trying not to be hard on myself, the week was pretty tough for me (personal stuff rearing its head) and work was so chaotic that I owe myself a break. I saw quite a few girls in the Grace Fit Facebook group mentioning that hormones and PMS was making them lose motivation because they had no energy to exercise or they were in pain. I haven’t paid much attention to how my cycle affects training in the past, but after tracking it I’ve definitely noticed a huge dip in my energy levels before my period.

I’m not seeing the progress I thought I’d be seeing by week four, which is mainly because I haven’t put the same amount of work in as I did previously. While the Gracefit group is still inspiring, I can’t help but compare my progress to some of the other girls’ results.

Lol at the fact this post has turned into me just feeling sorry for myself. I need to get real: the reason I’m not seeing progress is because I haven’t been at the gym five days a week like I was originally. Instead, I’ve been focusing on my job and enjoying my social life. On the plus side, I am confident with the exercises in the programme now and I am stronger than I have ever been. Roll on next week when I can get back into a routine.

Does anyone have any tips for motivating yourself when you just feel rubbish?