Results with Lucy Winter party & progress update

Results with Lucy Winter party & progress update


It’s been a couple of months’ since I started the Results with Lucy OnDemand+ programme

Sorry guys, I should have updated you about how I was getting on. I’m a bad blogger and I’ve been busy juggling work, blogging stuff, and all the rest of that jazz that comes along with being a human.

I’ll write weekly blog posts about Results with Lucy, I thought. I’ll have an in-depth blog post about every single workout on the programme, I planned.

Anyway, enough with my excuses.  Last week, Lucy, Cecelia, and the whole team hosted an amazing winter party at Epernay Champagne bar in Leeds and Beky and myself were fortunate enough to go.

As you can imagine, the event was glamorous and so much fun. Beky moved away a few months ago, so I don’t get to see her very often, and it was amazing to have a proper catch up over some champagne. I look sleepy, so very sleepy.



Plus, we got to hang out with Lucy Mecklenburg and Cecelia which was so cool. The other week it was Emily Skye, now it’s Lucy Meck; I’m turning into a proper little celeb magnet aren’t I? Lol, I am cringe.

Lucy and Cecelia were both so lovely and down to earth, and of course gorgeous. Meeting them, and all the other girls at the party, motivated me to keep on track with the programme and share my progress.

The RWL community is so supportive, there’s a Facebook group and people are so active on Instagram, so you’ll always have someone to turn to for support.

Results with Lucy progress update

My first impressions of the Results with Lucy workouts were positive and nothing has changed!

If you are looking for a quick, simple and in-expensive way to keep fit, then this programme is perfect for you.

The programme recommends that you do four workouts a week however, as I already go to the gym, I’ve been doing about two RWL workouts a week and supplementing this with two of my usual gym sessions.

The beauty of the OnDemand+ programme is that I don’t have to follow a specific plan and I can pick up the workouts at any time. This is better for me because I don’t have to miss a session if I do decide to go to the gym instead.

Although, I’ve started using the RWL programmes more frequently now that it’s dark and cold outside. Once I get home from work I lose all motivation to leave the flat and walk 25 minutes to the gym. I’ve been relying on the RWL programme on nights like this and it hasn’t disappointed.

The last workout I did was an hour-long arms session (which I created myself by making a playlist of arm videos) and my arms were in bits afterwards. Just because you’re at home it doesn’t mean you aren’t getting a killer workout.

Regular readers will know I’m trying to be more body positive, so I haven’t been doing this programme to lose weight. In terms of progress, I have noticed a difference in my strength and muscle definition. I can do push-ups and core exercises, which I have always struggled with. For the first time in ages, I’ve noticed new muscles and I’m feeling strong!

In terms of value for money, the RWL programme is brilliant and if I didn’t already have a gym membership I would use it more often. It’s only £14 and you get access to all the exercises and loads of recipes. My main issue is that I don’t have much space in my shared flat, so I end up doing the workouts in my room, which is tiny anyway.

Has anyone tried a Results with Lucy workout programme?