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Hannah goes to Hamburg

Hannah goes to Hamburg

Last weekend I jetted off to Hamburg to spend 3 days eating, drinking and being merry with one of my favourite people Ellie.

I say jetted, we Ryanaired it. So at 6.40 am we took off surrounded by the standard passengers, plus a group of drunken lads in Christmas fancy dress. Lucky us, we got to sit behind a guy dressed as Santa while he ordered cans of cider and tried to win Ellie over for 60p.

And so our adventure began…

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21 Struggles of getting your wisdom tooth removed


If you follow me on twitter you MIGHT be aware that last week I had my wisdom tooth removed. Although I kept it pretty quiet….*rolls eyes*

Now I don’t like to be overly dramatic but it really was one of the worst things I’ve ever experienced.

Before surgery I read SO many articles about how it was such a standard procedure and the recovery time would be minimal. I believed I would be fine in a few days. I’d survive on ice cream and I might get ‘hamster cheeks’ but it would be no-biggie.

Well it was not the ice-cream binge of happiness I expected.

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Self-care and taking a moment to think

northern ireland
northern ireland

My great uncle’s farm in Northern Ireland

Hello lovely people, apologies for the lack of recent posts (again) blogging always seems to take a back-seat when other areas of my life get stressful.

Which leads me nicely onto this post…

When you’re going through a rough time in life, you’re often told to ‘keep busy’ and ‘hang in there’ but I believe that isn’t the best way to deal with your feelings.

Trust me I understand why people tell you that. If you fill up your diary with activities you’ll have less time to dwell on your thoughts, right? Now I think about it, this sentiment is very British, the whole ‘keep calm and carry on’ thing. After all, it wasn’t too long ago that people were urged to keep things bottled up and NEVER talk about their problems. God forbid they opened up about mental health!

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Book review: I am Malala


cartoon image of Malala with quote about education

I’ve always loved reading and I really enjoy hearing other people’s reviews of books and their recommendation so I’ve decided to start writing a few book blogs. I’m not sure how often I’ll do this, because I’m quite a slow reader anyway, but we’ll see how it goes.

Just to clarify, this is nothing to do with health or fitness. Although, technically I’m exercising my brain power!

The last book I read was the biography of Malala Yousafzai titled I am Malala.

In case you haven’t heard of her; she is a young woman (born 1997) who was awarded the 2014 Noble Peace Prize for her campaigning for education and women’s rights to go to school. She was also targeted and shot by the Taliban on her way home from school when she was 15.

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Guest Post: Body Positivity

woman holding flower to heart

I’m really excited to share my first ever guest post with you guys! I don’t normally like to hand over the reigns to anyone else on my blog, my content is always written by me, but I literally couldn’t wait for this lovely lady to write me a post about body positivity! 

Today’s guest post is written by Vicky, she is an intersectional feminist, body positive activist and one of the funniest and loveliest people I know. We made friends through Twitter, and are yet to meet IRL, but hopefully we will later on this year*

I’ve been wanting to write a post about body positivity for ages, but had loads of trouble putting my thoughts down when it came to it. In the last year I have dramatically changed my attitude towards my body, including the reasons why I exercise and the way that I approach nutrition. I still really struggle with self-acceptance and I find it hard to love my flaws, but I find the body positive movement really inspiring and I hope that I can be fully confident in my own skin in the future. 

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Sources of inspiration when you feel like sh*t

coloured crayons on paper

Photo source: Daniel Watson via Unsplash

Sometimes it can be really difficult to generate a drop of positivity, let alone a glass half full. There are times when all those cute memes telling you to sparkle, be a unicorn, and have a cup of positivi-tea, will make you feel even worse than you already do.

It may also make you throw your phone across the room in rage, there’s nothing worse than people who don’t understand what you’re going through telling you to ‘keep your chin up’.

I’m sure they mean well, but it’s still annoying isn’t it?

I’m not here to tell you to ignore your feelings, in fact I say embrace them. Sometimes one of the best things you can do is listen to your emotions. Get angry, scream, cry, throw things around the room if it gives you a release.

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Using exercise to heal

person standing infront of waterfall with rainbow

Apologies for my lack of recent blog posts.

The last month of my life has been heartbreaking to say the least and I would have felt inappropriate writing about something trivial during this tragic time. I’ve been debating channeling all of my feelings into a blog post, but honestly I will never find the right words to express what has happened, nor would I be happy about sharing it with the world. Maybe I will feel differently in a few months, but right now I choose to keep it private.

However, this blog has always served as an outlet for my emotions. Although I have never used it to delve into a darker side of my life, I have always found writing cathartic, even if it’s just by making sense of words written down on a page. Writing helps me to become present in the moment and puts the brakes on my troubles for the time being.

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The perfect gym bag? Jim Bag review

Jim Bag review

I’m going to make a bold statement: it’s hard being an active woman*.

Working full time usually means you choose between a social life, working out, or sleep. In order to nail the first two, I often have to resurrect myself out of my warm bed at 5.45 to fit in a gym session before work at 9am.

But getting up early is only half of the battle.

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8 differences between a no-frills gym and a health club

spa towels on table with rubber duck

Recently I switched from The Gym group to Bannatyne’s and I just wanted to write up my thoughts about the difference between a no-frills gym and a so-called health club.

Upgrading gyms did not come easy to me, I have been a loyal member of The Gym for around three years now, which makes me feel quite old, and honestly I have never really had a problem with it. I was always under the impression that you don’t need to pay more for all those extras as long as the equipment was good quality and varied. This is something I  still stand by, but now I am one of those people who want the extras. Continue Reading