Putting the lid on tupperware: Healthy shop-bought snacks


There’s no denying it, I am the queen of tupperware boxes!

I take my breakfast into work in one, I have another box for my lunch, and then an additional one, or sometimes two, for healthy snacks throughout the day. There’s so many lunchboxes in my bag, it looks like I’ve taken a group of children out for a picnic. In fact, eating food from plastic tupperware boxes is so natural for me that sometimes having my dinner from a plate just feels plain wrong!

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Stop! It’s the Sugar Police!

Do you know someone who gives you a judgemental look everytime you reach for some unhealthy food? Perhaps they even comment on what that food will do to you? Yeah, we all know somebody like that, unfortunately for my Mum that person is her own daughter, me.

Rummaging through cupboards and picking out the hidden nasties masquerading as ‘healthy’ cereals – no red labelled item is safe from the me, the Sugar Police! While this sounds more than a little annoying, it is a role I have taken upon myself for one purpose and one purpose only only, the safety of my mum.

two women smiling
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Getting a good vegucation

Broccoli tree

In the spirit of National Vegetarian Week I decided to give up meat for seven days.

I kick started my journey by watching a very traumatic, but insightful, documentary called Vegucation which shocked me so much that, at one point, I did even become a bit concerned  that even eating vegetables was immoral. After I recovered from the shock I put my logical cap back on, deleted the ranting blog post I had written about the dairy industry, and ate some cheese.

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