Are these the best protein bars ever?

Multipower protein

Big news: I tried some new protein bars and actually enjoyed them…

Sometimes I think I must be a bad fitness blogger because I hate the taste of protein and I almost never drink protein shakes. The thought of drinking a protein shake with water straight after a workout makes me shudder. Sure, I add a few scoops into my porridge in the morning, but that’s usually as far as my relationship with protein goes. I guess I’m a bit of a protein snob because I stick to the same brands that I know are high in quality (and don’t taste like the bottom of a shoe).

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Sampling vegan delights at Vapiano Manchester

vapiano collage

The vegan movement has significantly risen in popularity, so much so that 2016 could be the most important year for vegans yet. It is estimated that 1.2 million people in the UK are vegan and young people and teens make up the highest proportion of that number.

Whether it’s for health reasons, animal welfare, or to be more ethically conscious, veganism is having a renaissance and is no longer just associated with hippies. The vegan lifestyle is being integrated into our community as a norm, a rather trendy norm at that.

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Five of my favourite protein powders

protein powder shaker with weight

Protein powders have evolved so much in terms of flavour, texture and taste. A few years ago it was hard to find more than 3 flavours, but now companies have produced an array of protein products that cater to veggies, vegans and people with a real sweet tooth (aka me).

The flavours have been developed to offer a large range of tastes, so you aren’t just stuck with vanilla or chocolate, plus the marketing has evolved to be more inclusive of everyone – although let’s not mention Protein World’s Beach Body fuck up.

In general, more ‘normal’ people are using protein powders to boost their health and wellbeing whether they attend the gym or not, for example some people use it to supplement their diet if they don’t eat a lot of meat, while others will use it to increase muscle.

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How to stay healthy at a festival

girls standing at lost village festival

I can hear you moaning already, ‘who wants to be healthy at a festival?’ I know I know, I’m that person that sucks the fun out of everything. The whole sentence is basically an oxymoron, fun AND healthy, how is that even possible right?

True, a festival is one of the only places where you can free yourself from the shackles of adult-life and go shower-and-inhibitions free for a weekend, but it doesn’t automatically mean you have to have a super unhealthy weekend and come back 10 lbs heavier. Some of us work really hard to stay in shape and look after ourselves, so why shouldn’t we enjoy a sprinkling of health over our leisurely activities? Continue Reading

I tried to eat like Clean Eating Alice for a week

For the next five* days I am going to adopt the diet of Instagram angel Alice Liveing, also known as Clean Eating Alice. She is a personal trainer and part of the LDN Muscle gang, but she’s arguably just as famous for her amazing abs and remarkable culinary skills.

I have admired this lady for a long time now, pawing at her beautiful recipes on Instagram, but I have never actively followed them. Her virtual life points to a pint size trainer who is brimming with energy and enthusiasm; she is very positive and motivated and I wonder whether that is due to her diet. Also you’d be a fool not to notice that she looks smoking hot – I assume I will metaphorise into a tiny, glowing goddess once my first 24 hours of being Clean Eating Alice is complete!

A photo posted by Alice (@clean_eating_alice) on

So I am taking on this challenge to see whether I will have more energy and generally be in better health from eating this kind of diet. Alice is also renowned for her beautiful Instagram arrangements, I can’t promise mine will be half as good but I will try as I copy Clean Eating Alice’s recipes for the next seven days.  Continue Reading