Guess who loves running again?

Girl running in country side

My passion for running has ignited once again. It must be a combination of the lighter evenings, the slightly warmer temperatures and my resentment of crowded gyms, as people pile in to try and obtain a ‘summer body’ (FYI, your body is always ready for summer!) Despite spending the first four months of the year focusing strength training, recently all I want to do is hit the pavement and run!

There’s a problem, I haven’t been regularly running for at least four months. Unlike strength training, where I can maintain my ability level, I have to go back to square one when it comes to running. Although I know if I work hard enough I will get back to where I was, it will be a challenge.

As excepted, my first run back was really hard! I opted for the treadmill so I could monitor my speed and incline. I warmed up by going on the cross-trainer for 10 minutes, as I find it warms my muscles which makes it easier to run, before hopping onto the treadmill. Instead of flat out running (which I found difficult to do) I tried to run for the length of the song I was listening to and then stopping and walking for 30 seconds – a minute until I felt ready to run again.  This was a pretty good technique and I managed to do 20 minutes on the treadmill.

After the success of the treadmill I decided to test my ability outdoors, mainly because I didn’t have time to go to the gym before work and I wanted to run, so I completed a circuit outside. I find outdoor running a lot harder compared to the treadmill as you need to be in control of pacing yourself and you are subject to a variety of inclines and terrains. I did a short run outside that was around 3 miles and lasted 40 minutes. I did stop a few times and I wasn’t aiming to go fast, hence why my time was a bit slow.

I wanted to push myself on my next run. It was a beautiful day so I headed out and ran five miles. Surprisingly, it was very enjoyable and wasn’t as difficult as I found the previous run. Unfortunately, I got a chest infection later in the week so I decided to have break from running until I was better. Yesterday, I went running with my friend and we did five miles (outdoors) and although it was a challenging run as my chest wasn’t 100% better I enjoyed pushing myself and getting outdoors after work.

This post has been a bit rambly, I just wanted to write about fitness again and this is what I’m focusing on. Over the next eight weeks I will be sticking to the running programme I created for myself which incorporates strength training, plyometric exercises and cross training, as well dynamic as distances to run. I will keep you updated with how I get on!

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One trainer fits all: Nike Zoom Air Structure 2.0 Review

nike air zoom trainers in box

I’m what I like to call a ‘pick n mix’ exerciser; some days I go running and others I’m firmly planted in the weights area.

Did you know that the type of trainers you wear affects your performance in the gym? Different trainers are designed to suit specific types of training. This seems straight forward enough, but when you do a variety of styles of training it can be difficult to find a trainer that will support you for a variety of exercises.

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Running with purpose: Salford 10k 2016

Two girls running salford 10k and medals

After a few months off running, my legs were pounding the pavements once again and on Sunday the 4th September I completed the Salford 10k in 1:00:15!! That’s 3 minutes off my last 10k in February and my new personal best.

This wasn’t just any old 10k race, myself and some friends (including the lovely Ellie who has a blog too) decided to complete it in honour of our beautiful best friend who tragically passed away in June. We raised money for the charities that meant the most to her, which were Dogs Trust and Mind, and together we managed to raise over £1000.

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Tips to stay safe when running outdoors

men running down graffiti alley

Source: Kyle Kranz Unsplash

Despite the fact it’s (kind of) summer, you must always keep your personal safety in mind when running outdoors. It’s not just you and the treadmill anymore, you’re running in the big wide world and you never know what kind of horrible humans are out to harm you.

This may sound a little dark for a blog, but I haven’t come across any articles that discuss the importance of safe running but it’s something that massively affects runners, especially us females, so it’s a topic I want to discuss*. 

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I survived the Leeds Half Marathon

Leeds half marathon medal


Ok I’ll stop then.

But that doesn’t change the level of excitement that this post still carries!

Last Sunday I completed the Leeds Half Marathon! The reason I am so pleased about it is that:

a) I am not a runner and have previously only ran 12 km but I ran 13 miles
b) I LOVED it
c) I did it in 2:15.21

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15 things to remember before a half marathon

collage of girl holding race day number

My half marathon is only a few days away and it’s safe to say I’m scared. As some of my friends have run a half previously, I thought I could reach out to them and gain comfort from their experience.

Here’s some of the things people said:

“I  started crying in the second half because I was in so much pain.”

“Why would you do that to yourself?”


“My friend was sick halfway round the course”

“You’re mental. Why would you ever want to do that?!”

And so on…


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RUN OR DYE: Running in a rainbow

Have you ever wondered what it would be like running on a rainbow?

I absolutely love running, but I have to admit I do get bored when I’m staring at the same bit of wall for an hour on the treadmill. Pounding the pavements outside is slightly more exciting, but the concrete jungle that is Manchester City Centre is hardly inspiring.

So when I heard about Run or Dye I knew I had to sign up!

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