An ode to women who wear makeup in the gym

An ode to women who wear makeup in the gym
Girls who wear makeup in the gym
Source: Nicole Mason via Unsplash

It’s safe to say that women who wear makeup to the gym get a lot of abuse. Whether it’s from other women, or men, if you rock up to the gym with a full face of makeup chances are you’ve had some nasty stares.

I have been on the receiving end, and I’m ashamed to say, have also cast judgement on the made-up faces of fellow gym-goers. My question is why do we feel this way? It’s literally none of our business what someone else looks like when they exercise. It doesn’t affect our progress at all. It needs to stop.

It makes your skin bad – NOT YOUR PROBLEM. It’s not good for your pores –Again, NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.  You aren’t working out properly if you still have it on (erm, have you never heard of primer hun?) You are trying to impress men in the gym – Yeah cos I really want to jump that 50-year-old man with the pooch don’t I babes? My fictional argument could go on forever, the point is people need to grow up.

I guess I’ve become more aware of this issue because I’ve started going to the gym during my lunch break at work. I don’t have time to take my makeup off and reapply it in an hour, so it’s easier for me to either not wear it at all, or just leave it on while I work out. So yeah, that means sometimes I do my chest session with a smokey eye, so what? I also have microbladed brows (basically tattooed on) so I always look like I have full brows on and I wear fake tan. I don’t do these things to impress anyone else or ‘show off’ I do it because it makes me feel good.

As I’ve started the Grace Fit guide I’ve been in the weights room for most of my workouts and I do still feel intimidated. I’m usually the only woman in there and as soon as I walk in and pick up equipment I get looked at like I’m a sea lion that’s just escaped from the zoo. Sometimes you need that dose of confidence to motivate you and encourage you to keep going when something does scare you.

Makeup is the secret weapon for many, myself included. I believe there’s a misconception about the reasons people wear makeup. It’s not a way to cover up and hide yourself, it’s a tool to empower people and help them feel more confident and in control. The gym can be a really intimidating place, especially if you’re venturing into the heavy weights room for the first time (or even the 5879 time) and I feel 100% more confident when I have makeup on. If that helps me to work harder and enjoy my time in the gym more then what’s the harm?

Women of the gym, be kind to each other and support one another when you can. Next time you see a girl wearing a full face of makeup in the gym don’t automatically assume she is doing it to show off. And even if she is, that’s good, we need more confident female role models in the world!