GF8WG Week 2 update

GF8WG Week 2 update
Gracefit guide week 2 update
Source: Ornella Binni via Unsplash

Howdy y’all! It’s time for my Grace Fit Guide or GF8WG update!

The second week really has flown by but I’ve managed to stick to the five workouts a week and follow the programme like the annoying teacher’s pet I am. I wanted to upload some actual pictures of my body, but I recently moved apartments and everything has been chaotic this week so I just haven’t got round to it. I promise I will get some decent photos for my three week update.

If you read my previous blog, you’ll know that the workouts are the same for the first 4 weeks, then they change to a new one. So, for the last week I have still been getting to grips with the first set of workout still. You can familiarise yourself with the plan here.

Overall, I’m enjoying the programme so much! My confidence levels have increased immensely, in the gym and out. The weights room no longer intimidates me, I may be the only girl in there most days but that doesn’t bother me anymore. I’ve started going for it and not being worried about how stupid I might look for getting something wrong. What I’ve realised is that I probably will look stupid when I try something new, but no-one is perfect first time and that’s the only way I’ll learn how to do a new exercise.

Strength and fitness

Compared to the first week, I feel a lot stronger and fitter than I was.

I have been hitting all my reps and sets without too much trouble and I have been able to lift the heaviest weight I have for a very long time. Next week I will focus on increasing the weight and pushing myself harder. I love working on different parts of the body on separate days, it makes it so much easier to train because you don’t overwork your muscles.

Arms, chest and shoulders have been the hardest of all the splits, because I don’t have as much upper body strength as I do in my lower body (thick thighs save lives ‘n that) So, for some of my sets I had to use light weights (for example bench press and shoulder press I have been sticking to very light weights) to complete the reps; but there you go. I’ve been using 5-6kg dumbbells for things like military press and bicep curls which I know isn’t heavy at all, but when I was working out before I could only lift 3kg dumbbells so I’m pleased with my progress so far.

For legs I have been hitting 50 kg on the leg press, 20 kg for single leg press and then 20kg squatting with the barbell. Again, I know some people may think this is nothing but it’s a vast improvement for what I was doing.

I’ve finally got over the URGE to do cardio every day. Instead of doing it four times a week with no weights, I’m now doing very little cardio (2 HIIT sessions a week) with four sessions of weights. The weights are the bulk of my exercises now. Although I am getting sore muscles and doms, I don’t feel exhausted as I used to and I have much more energy during the day. My fitness has improved a lot. My resting heart-rate is lower, and when I’m working out I’m reaching closer to my max heart rate.


In terms of definition and muscle, my body is more toned and I have definition in my arms, back, thighs and even a glimpse of abs on my stomach (which believe me I haven’t seen in years!) I still don’t have Grace’s booty but I’m not expecting miracles in two weeks.

I’m sticking to a healthy diet and still going out at the weekend and drinking alcohol so I’m pretty chuffed I can notice any physical difference after only two weeks. However, I do think a lot of my progress is from eating a small calorie deficit as that’s how I generally notice change in my appearance. I haven’t weighed myself since starting because I honestly don’t think the scales reflect what you actually look like. However, I also haven’t measured my body yet (mainly because I’m lazy and the tape measure is cold) but my clothes fit a lot nicer than they did.

Motivation and support

I’m still obsessed with talking to the girls in the Facebook Group. Everyone is amazing and so helpful and encouraging! There’s a sense of growing confidence and empowerment in the group, which I love. We post memes, tackle misogyny in the weights room and put the world to rights.

I’ve found it easy to stick to the 5 workouts and have been trying to complete them during my lunch break at work. However, this means I’m stepping on the toes of the personal trainers at my gym. They must be used to an empty gym floor at that time and when you try and use the equipment they’ve hoarded for their client they get pissed off. Last week I had to ask a PT to move his Ipad off the bench that I was using and he didn’t even apologise. It’s my gym time too pal, leave me in peace. Sorry to any PTs who don’t do this but I have felt uncomfortable during the last week from unnecessary evil stares from the PTs at my gym.

To sum up, I still love doing the GF8WG programme and I’m so excited to get stuck into week three so I can start lifting heavier weights! Is anyone else following the Grace Fit Guide? Let me know how you’re getting on!