14 Reasons why being a woman at the gym is the WORST

14 Reasons why being a woman at the gym is the WORST

Why being a woman at the gym is annoying af

You know how much I enjoy going to the gym, but sometimes I feel it would be easier not to be a female in the gym. Here are a few of the things that annoy me the most about that work out life.

The awkwardness starts when you get changed….

Forgetting your hair bobble

Is there anything more dreadful than realising you’ve forgotten your hair bobble after you’ve already got changed at the gym? Definitely yes, but in regards to this blog post it’s pretty terrible. It must be one of the most annoying things that can happen at the gym, second only to forgetting your headphones. Even worst is when you SNAP your hair bobble because your hair is such a long unmanageable mess and the elastic just can’t cope anymore.

Camel toe

I don’t understand why people don’t talk about camel toe more often because surely it must affect most women? Let’s all embrace the fact we have vaginas and tight crotch-hugging lycra is not the most flattering of materials. So, the next time someone gives me a dirty look because I’ve hitched my leggings up so they don’t roll down when I’m squatting, they can just deal with the fact I am a woman and sometimes you can tell I have a vagina.


If you choose to keep your makeup on at the gym (which I often do and spoke about here) then you will probably end up with mascara running down your face from sweat, some really nice patches of bronzer and you might rub your eyebrows off while you’re getting those gains.

VPL and see through leggings

Why do I have to wear thongs that cut into my booty like cheese wire when I’m bending down and jumping and doing movements that basically force that piece of string up there?! Can we all just get over the fact that women wear underwear and stop being so embarrassed by VPL and see-through leggings.

Forgetting to shave your legs and bringing cropped leggings

This is especially bad if you haven’t shaved your legs for a while and have been growing a pair of hairy leg warmers. It’s silly, why should we make ourselves look perfect for the gym? I still can’t shake feeling embarrassed if it happens to me and someone notices.

The awkwardness intensifies once you’re actually out on the gym floor…

Men bothering you

Sorry to be stereotypical and not saying ‘people’ but I have only ever been bothered by men in the gym. If I have my headphones in and am clearly in the middle of doing something why do some men feel like they still have a right to interrupt me? YOU DO NOT HAVE MORE OF A RIGHT TO BE THERE THAN ME. MY WORKOUT IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS YOURS.

Removing stacks of heavy weights on machines

I love it when people (lol who are we kidding its men again) load the leg press up with 400 kg of weight that I then have to lift off so I can use it to do my 80kg leg press. NOT. Suddenly none of the men who continually harass me want to help? What a surprise…

Getting evils in the weight room

On a similar note, I wish the men that grace the weights section would just get over the fact that women want to lift weights too. Yes, my weights are about 70% lighter than the ones you lift and sometimes I still can’t even make it to 10 reps, but we all start somewhere.

Although, I do also LOVE the feeling of strutting into the weights room with confidence and smashing my workout while some men are giving me territorial looks.

Leaving sweaty bum marks on equipment

Surely every girl has left a little peach print on the matt at some point? Kim K definitely has!

The awkwardness of hip thrusts and glute bridges

The awkwardness is in the name hip THRUSTS! Please don’t make eye contact with me while I’m enthusiastically thrusting into the air and grunting!

Putting your phone in your bra and getting it sweaty

I never realised how much my chest sweats until I started using my bra as a pocket to hold my phone so I can listen to music while I work out. The worst thing is the awkward sweat wipe after you take it out to change a song.

The workout is over, but the awkwardness feeling doesn’t stop just there…

Getting stuck in your sports bra

Sports bras are as restrictive as a straitjacket as it is, coupled with the fact they are wet from sweat, they are damn impossible to get off in a graceful fashion. Throw in an arm workout and you’ve got no chance! I’ve actually had to leave mine on and go back to work because I couldn’t get it off!


Two hairdryers during peak time is not fun. Picture fighting for mirror space like we are in the Hunger Games!

How much stuff you must bring to change after

Are you going on holiday miss? Nope just the gym before work. New clothes, shoes, towel, toiletries, straighteners, dryer, makeup and it goes on and on! If you need a great bag, I’ve got your back. 

Ladies, what annoys you the most about the gym? Let me know in the comments!