Redefining athleisure with JD Women @ Hotel Gotham

Redefining athleisure with JD Women @ Hotel Gotham

JD womens sports athleisure

Does anyone else feel like athleisure has seriously upped its game in the last year?

Times have changed, Primark cycling shorts and an oversized tee doesn’t cut it anymore, and you know what, that’s cool with me!

I used to wear my stepdad’s John Smith’s lager t-shirt when I first started running, like I was a darts player in training.

What’s caused this influx of spectacular active wear?

I like to think it’s the fitness bloggers who have set this trend. Instagram ‘it’ girls like Zana Van Dijk, Clean Eating Alice and Carley Rowena (to name a few) consistently set the bar high when it comes to active wear. Whether they are putting the world to rights in the gym, or running to meetings in London, their gymwear game is STRONG.

Manchester is catching up…

The location: Hotel Gotham, Manchester.

The brand: JD Women.

The scene: Decadent Christmas party with an urban twist

JD Women are revolutionising women’s streetwear

Last week they invited myself and a few bloggers to enjoy a festive party, choose some of our favourite goodies for a very special gift from Santa and take a sneak peek of the new season’s collection.

After being greeted with the most gorgeous rhubarb cocktails, we had time to catch up with old friends and make some new ones, all the while being serenaded by the beautiful singer Lauren Faye Moss. We were taken into a separate area to view some of the JD women’s pieces from Nike, Adidas, Pink Soda and Ellesse, and to create our very own wish list.

JD sports wishlist

JD sports wishlist

pink soda sports top

From meeting the JD women’s stylist, the gals on the social media team, and the lovely Jess, it was clear that everyone involved with JD was passionate about incorporating women’s fashion into amazing activewear.

The girls talked us through every detail of the garms, from which sports bra would be supportive enough to do burpees in AND make your boobs look amazing, to which trainers would do you for weight lifting and act as casual kicks for the weekend.

I’m already a huge fan of Pink Soda Sport, their trackies are the cosiest things I have even worn. And as a loyal Lucy Meck follower, I have a place in my heart for Ellesse. Safe to say it was a hard choice selecting which items would go on my wish list – I wanted to take them all home! I fell in love with the classic pieces from the collection, including the Nike Free Run trainers and the black and white striped zip hoodie.

Next we played a party game, in groups we attempted to wrap a pair of JD trainers and a box using only our left hands. My group didn’t win, but we were beaten by none-other than fitness and health blogging superstars Chessie King and Steph Elswood, (two peas in a bod) so I didn’t mind too much!

Chessie King Steph Elswood

After the game we took it in turns to have a look at the BRAND NEW SEASON COLLECTION, and while I couldn’t take any pictures of it, (it’s secret), let me tell you it is absolutely gorgeous! I know what I’ll be after in January.


I just want to say a huge thanks to the JD women team and the staff at Gotham, the event was one of the best I’ve ever been to and I loved every minute of it. It’s made me fall in love with women’s streetwear and working out even more (I didn’t know it was possible?!)

It also gave me the chance to get this amazing live action shot of Jess and I trying to pull a Christmas cracker and failing like the losers we are.

Happy Christmas everyone! x