Favourite fitness bloggers of 2016

Favourite fitness bloggers of 2016

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It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m snuggled in bed, eating flapjack and thinking about making positive changes for 2017 (NB, flapjack will always be on the cards.)

I enjoy setting myself New Year’s resolutions (not so much sticking to them) but because this year has been so weird for me, the only resolution I’m making is to get through the year and look after myself. However, I still want to see out this horrible year on a more positive note so I thought I’d write a post about the people who have inspired me to be more active.

Despite what’s happened this year, my relationship with fitness is as strong as ever. I’ve well and truly fallen for athleisure and I have never been more excited to get in the gym and lift some heavy weights.

So here are the people whose hard work and dedication encouraged me to get back in the gym, try new things and fall in love with fitness over and over again.

Chessie King & Healthy Chef Steph

I only recently ‘found’ Chessie and Steph (better known as two peas in a bod) and I am kicking myself for not discovering them sooner! The duo creates amazing strength training and HIIT workouts that are super fun and effective. I love their positive attitudes towards getting stronger, being healthy and having fun with fitness. Check out their 2 peas in a bod instagram page, or their own Instagram accounts.

Chessie and Steph were at the JD Sports event that I went to a couple of weeks ago, and let me tell you they were just as bubbly and positive in real life as they are online.

Grace FIT UK

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If you think Kim K is booty goals, then you need to check out Grace. This girl is insane! She trains hard, lifts heavy weights and studies at Oxford. She got into fitness by doing Kayla Itsines’ workouts but she felt that it focused solely on losing weight and hated the amount of cardio it required, so she tried strength training and has never looked back. Unless she looks at her bum in the mirror, because it is sooo perfect (I’m a bit obsessed)

(NB I’ve purchased Grace’s training guide so I will let you know how that goes once I start!)


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Jessy fucking LOVES yoga and I love her for that. She’s also a feminist and featured on an episode of my favourite podcast, The Guilty Feminist, to tell the story of how she became obsessed with yoga and how it makes her feel. She is the epitome of body positivity and self-love and I urge you all to go and follow her Instagram NOW.

Zanna Van Dijk

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I’ve loved Zanna for longer than just last year but she always inspires me to be active so she needs to be on this list. Once again, I praise her attitude to balance and focusing on strength, instead of just being lean. She works out in exotic locations all over the world and recently has been featured in magazines and all over the media. Plus, her Yorkshire accent is always a joy to hear!

Carley Rowena

Aww who doesn’t love Carley Rowena? She just seems like such a nice person. I’ve always found her workouts to be enjoyable and I like how she puts sequences together so if you’re in the mood to try something new you can just pop one of her videos on and hit the gym. Plus she has a frenchie called Steven who is adorable and her boyfriend is Leon who is one half of The Lean Machines. Cool right?

Clean Eating Alice

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Alice has really stepped up her fitness content this year, in between writing a best-selling book, and being featured in Women’s Health.  I used to mainly visit her Instagram for recipe ideas (like that time I tried to copy her diet for a week) but now I find myself checking it for fitsporation. Like all the ladies mentioned in this list, Alice is a big fan of lifting weights, but she also focuses on bodyweight circuits which are great if you can’t make it to the gym.

Lucy Mecklenburgh and Cecelia Harris

Lucy Mecklenburgh has also been a fitness inspiration to me and if you’ve been reading my blog over the last few months, you’ll know I’ve been doing the Results with Lucy home workout plan which introduced me to her trainer Cecelia. I’ve loved following the plan on days where I don’t want to go to the gym and I have learned loads of new exercises.

One of the main reasons I love RWL is the relationship Lucy and Cecelia have. They are hilarious together and genuinely make following the workouts fun. I also had the pleasure of meeting them both at the Results with Lucy Winter Party; they were so lovely and glamourous.

Joe Wicks

Last but not least is the only man on my list, Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach. Can I just marry him please? He just seems like the nicest guy ever and we could griddle midget trees together and shout out of windows and go to Dubai. I wouldn’t even mind that he’d make me do HIIT every single morning, honest.

Joe’s success story is incredible and I’m so pleased for him after all his years of hard work. He introduced me to HIIT and taught me to look at food in a different (more positive) way.

Thanks for reading my post, happy New Year and lots of love to you! x