Enhancing natural beauty at Rejuvenate Skin Clinic

Enhancing natural beauty at Rejuvenate Skin Clinic


Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Rejuvenate Skin Clinic in Manchester. The clinic specialises in non-invasive non-surgical treatments that aim to enhance natural beauty and help you feel more confident in your own skin.

Non-surgical treatments have soared in popularity over the last few years because there is no downtime and they are pain-free. When I visited the London Health show last year (read my post here) I was captivated by Dr Leah Totten’s discussion about non-invasive treatments to keep your skin looking healthy, youthful and glowing.

I turned 25 a couple of months ago, so my interest in anti-ageing products has naturally growth and I’ve started making more of an effort to look after my skin (I now use an eye cream AND a separate night cream.)

About Rejuvenate Skin Clinic

Rejuvenate is an independent skin clinic which is tucked away at the back of the Northern Quarter, right in the heart of Manchester city centre. They are highly experienced and have been helping people to feel fantastic in their own skin for over four years.

The clinic offers a wide range of pain-free, non-invasive treatments that help customers to feel great about their own natural beauty. Non-invasive means that no needles or knives are used during the treatments. Rather, the devices work by touching your skin and the advanced technologies penetrate to through the deeper skin layers to achieve the desired results.

Rejuvenate are experienced in helping with a wide range of facial, body and excessive hair conditions. From treating adult acne, to hair removal, anti-ageing, and skin peels, the clinic has treatments for both men and women. The staff can even design a bespoke treatment plan to suit your individual needs.


First impressions

I’ve never been in a non-surgical clinic before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Leena the Clinic Manager welcomed me and made me feel at ease. The clinic itself had a spa-like atmosphere and was clean, modern and relaxing. Although, at the same time it felt professional so you knew you were in good hands.

Leena certainly knows her stuff. What came across instantly was that Rejuvenate truly care about their clients and aren’t just looking for a quick sale. We chatted for a while and she gave me a tour of the clinic and talked me through the equipment they use for each treatment. All the procedures are done in-house, except for fillers, which are carried out by an external doctor. They are also proud to use high-quality products that are PH balanced and free of parabens, SLS, and Soap.

If I’m honest, so many of the treatments appealed to me so Leena took the time to talk me through them and gave me her expert advice. I was particularly interested in the cellulite treatment, the IPL hair removal, and the microdermabrasion facial, which turned out to be the most popular treatments that they offer.

Over the next few weeks I am going to be reviewing these treatments. I can’t wait to start my journey with Rejuvenate Skin clinic and feel more confident in my own skin. Browse all the treatments on their website and be sure to read their blog because it’s filled with expert advice from trained professionals.

*Many thanks to Leena and the team at Rejuvenate Skin Clinic for inviting me to review these treatments free of charge. All opinions are my own.