NYX Autumn makeup look

NYX Autumn makeup look

NYX make over
Today I want to write about something a bit different; let’s talk about makeup!

On my about section, it says I’m a bit of a beauty geek and this interest is definitely growing but it isn’t something I’ve written about yet.

I’m the kind of girl who is too intimidated to venture into a high-end makeup shop unless I have a full face of slap on (I’m looking at you Selfridges…) so browsing professional make-up from the comfort of Boots is more my style.

Recently a new NYX counter appeared in my local Boots shop and I was curious to see what the products were like as I’ve heard great things from friends.

NYX has a huge collection of high-quality makeup. From vibrant pigmented eye shadows, to sculpting contours and beautiful blushes; the collection is renowned for bold colours and bright looks. Whatever look you’re after, NYX brings something exciting to the table.

I’ve heard great things about NYX lip collections and after exploring the lip lingerie and matte lipstick range I purchased Stockholm, which is a lovely mauve/nude matte lip gloss. It dries quickly and doesn’t budge all night. It’s even food and drink proof, so it’s a total win in my eyes.

NYX Autumn makeup look

Recently myself and my blogging wife Ellie were kindly invited to the NYX counter in Manchester Boots to try a new makeup look. This was the result…

NYX makeup collage

The lovely makeup artist Summer created this smokey copper and gold look which is perfect for autumn nights out. I love the bold colours and the way it enhanced the green in my eyes.

Summer used a range of products all from NYX range which stayed on all night, despite my combination skin. She also used Stockholm on my lips so I could top it up later.

It seemed a shame to wipe this makeup off but it was a Monday night and we were just going home afterwards. But it would have been the perfect makeup for a night out.

Also, Summer confirmed that NYX is pronounced like ‘Nicks’ not N-Y-X as I was saying.

Visit the new beauty emporium in Boots Market Street Manchester to create your own makeup look with the NYX team.