I tried to eat like Clean Eating Alice for a week

For the next five* days I am going to adopt the diet of Instagram angel Alice Liveing, also known as Clean Eating Alice. She is a personal trainer and part of the LDN Muscle gang, but she’s arguably just as famous for her amazing abs and remarkable culinary skills.

I have admired this lady for a long time now, pawing at her beautiful recipes on Instagram, but I have never actively followed them. Her virtual life points to a pint size trainer who is brimming with energy and enthusiasm; she is very positive and motivated and I wonder whether that is due to her diet. Also you’d be a fool not to notice that she looks smoking hot – I assume I will metaphorise into a tiny, glowing goddess once my first 24 hours of being Clean Eating Alice is complete!

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So I am taking on this challenge to see whether I will have more energy and generally be in better health from eating this kind of diet. Alice is also renowned for her beautiful Instagram arrangements, I can’t promise mine will be half as good but I will try as I copy Clean Eating Alice’s recipes for the next seven days.  Continue Reading