If you’ve noticed that I look different recently, it might be because during the last two months I have transformed from a woman into a WARRIOR.

collage of girls working out in gymThat’s right, I have been attending Bear SCP bootcamp for around eight weeks now and I am still loving every minute of it!

I haven’t blogged about it every week, but trust me I have been going. Aside from attending the gym, it’s the first time in my life I have ever stuck at anything and I’ve started to really look forward to the Tuesday night class which puts me in a good mood for the rest of the week.

There’s a small group of us girls that go and we’ve got to know Darren really well, so it’s as much as a social activity as it is a fitness class.

medicine balls in gym

But don’t let that fool you, it’s still bloody hard! No matter how much I train, I still find those animal movements extremely challenging. Burning thighs, burning arms, burning shoulders, how does 20 seconds of something make you feel like you’re on FIRE?!

Although now I just get on with them and stop complaining, because I know I’ll have to do a load of burpees AND the animal movements if I whine…..

two girls on green floor background in gymgirls doing exercise in gym on green backgroundtwo girls on green floor backgroudn in gym

We’ve done such an extensive variety of exercises during the classes, and as I mentioned in my previous post no two classes are the same. It’s a mix of HIIT cardio, strength, boxing, plyometric exercises and team games so you never get bored, but you are always leave tired and very very sweaty!

Darren has also been helping us improve our strength training by holding weight clinic sessions. He shows us a fundamental strength move, think deadlift and squat, and then corrects our form to make sure we are doing it properly.

This is really useful because I don’t have a personal trainer, or even a gym partner when I lift, so I can never be certain that my form is correct (most often it’s not). Darren helps all the people in the group and then asks us to spot each other so we can identify the right and wrong way to do it.

girls doing rope jumping in gym green floor

Since January when I began bootcamp, my resting heart rate has dropped from 60 bpm to 54 bpm, which according to David Arnot (a personal trainer who replied to my excitement on twitter) means that my cardiovascular system is becoming more efficient, yay!

I haven’t lost any weight, although I do feel a lot stronger and I have lost an inch from my waist (since I last measured), so overall I am really pleased with the progress.

The main thing I like about bear SCP bootcamp is how fun it is, even if I hadn’t been seeing good results I would still come every Tuesday because it’s a great way to mix up your routine and let off some steam.

If you want to become a warrior then visit the Facebook page and message Darren: ‘I TRAIN LIKE AN ANIMAL’ to get a free Fitness MOT and bootcamp session.