I’m feeling empowered. Maybe it’s because I’ve got bleach on my hair when I know that’s never a good idea, but you know what? I really don’t care!

Hannah gets hench
This is me being really happy

This is the start of a new way of blogging. Lately the blogs that I’m truly loving are unapologetically personal blogs, that don’t follow the norm. They don’t have perfect images and curated instagram feeds, but that’s fine because they don’t need to! As much as I admire those blogs that have such beautiful photographs they could rival magazines, my blog will never be like that and there’s no point trying to compare myself to things I am not.

Here comes the new revolution of rants, capital letters and full stops. That weren’t quite necessary. Oh yeah.

I am not a professional blogger; I am a woman who likes working out and over sharing things with the internet.


A couple of weeks ago I attended a consultation for invisible braces, because in the last year I’ve become really self conscious about my teeth. Everyone I know seems to have perfect tiny teeth and I have huge crowded uneven teeth, my friend used to describe our teeth as ‘frilly’ which actually sounds quite cute.

ANYWAY the woman doing the consultation was perfect; she was tall, skinny and blonde with perfect makeup and pearly white teeth. I felt like a gremlin next to her so when she told me I could get straight teeth for only £4000 I thought, sign me up! How important is paying my bills and eating anyway? A few days later I came to a realisation that if I spend this money on my teeth, I would just find something else that needed ‘fixing’, like my nose, or my boobs, or my weird toes.

There’s literally so many things that COULD be changed but don’t NEED to.Yeah my teeth are a bit wonky, but it’s never held me back from the important things in life. I have never been refused food at a restaurant because my teeth were too uneven to chew it. I’ve never been turned down for a job because my teeth didn’t comply with the company’s tooth size standards. Maybe I’ve been rejected from a date secretly, but who wants to be with someone that shallow anyway? I don’t!

Why do we compare EVERYTHING? If it’s not my teeth, it’s my lips, my fashion style, my sense of humour, my blog, my achievements. The grass always looks greener but it never is. The point of my crazy rant, which by now may be fueled by bleach fumes, is that we need to give ourselves a break and just be happy in our own lives because comparing is not making us any happier. You could change every part of yourself and still feel insecure. Although if you really want something doing and it’s for genuine reasons and not to make anyone else happy then go for it.Go crazy! Have as many nose jobs as you like as long as it makes YOU happy and it’s not for anyone else’s value.

The funny thing is, everyone is so worried about what people think of them, but people are too busy worrying about what other people think. Basically, no one cares what you’re doing because they care about themselves to others! What a stupid circle.

I’m going to leave you with some things that I have recently learned.

  1. Low-intensity exercise like long distance running had the most positive impact on rat’s brains, in terms of creating new neurons and increasing the size of the brain, compared to strength training and interval training.
  2. Snoozing for an extra 10 minutes makes absolutely no difference to how rested you feel, but it will make you a lot later when you are rushing to get ready for work. Not worth it.
  3. Animals produce oxytocin (the cuddle hormone) when they are chilling with their owners, which means they love youuuu too.
  4. No one knows how much the makeup you wear costs when it’s on your face.
  5. Everyone has stomach rolls when they sit down. If you ever feel worried, just Google ‘sphynx cat’ because those guys are skinny but they have so many rolls.
  6. Jennifer Lawrence is amazing and you should watch Joy right now.