Bear SCP Bootcamp: I train like an animal

It’s always good to mix up your exercise routine. It will help you to avoid a mental and physical plateau and make sure your enjoy what you’re doing, which is essential if you want to create a long-lasting habit!

We do enough things we don’t like in our everyday lives, so don’t let your exercise routine become one of them!

Hannah Gets Hench Animal Fitness Bootcamp

As much as I enjoy going to the gym, getting off the machines and jumping into a new activity is always refreshing, so this week I was lucky enough to attend my first session at Bear Strength Conditioning and Performance bootcamp. I also want to point out that I nearly didn’t attend but the lovely Beky came to my rescue and picked me up!

I love bootcamps! They are the perfect way to get moving, challenge yourself and have fun at the same time. Nowadays there are so many unique offerings to choose from, from military fitness and HulaFit, to Twerkshop and the weird and wonderful Doga. Yes that’s a yoga class you do with your dog, and YES if I had a dog I would most definitely be attending!

Bear SCP is run by Darren Craven, a qualified strength and conditioning coach who believes that to get the body of a God, we need to train like an animal. Based at Proper Gym in Ancoats Manchester, his unique class focuses on body weight training, tabata workouts and animal movements.

So what exactly happens in an animal movement based class?

Hannah Gets Hench Animal Fitness Bootcamp

Our warm up

Gorilla lunges – Squat down low with your hips/feet quite wide and move yourself forward using broad leg movements, keep low at all times. This was really hard, we had to do these slowly round the gym two times and my thighs were absolutely BURNING!

Jogging round the gym twice.

Monkey crawls – Drop down to all fours, crawl forward with your hands and use your back legs to jump and propel you forward. We did this twice round the gym as well and it was really challenging for everyone.

Five sprints up and down the gym.

Can I just stress that this was the WARM UP and I was about ready to GIVE UP I was so exhausted?! Although, everyone in the class was putting their all-in they were really putting me to shame!

Hannah Gets Hench Animal Fitness Bootcamp

Hannah Gets Hench Animal Fitness Bootcamp

Main exercise

The main workout was tabata style, with 30 seconds high intensity exercise on and 10 seconds rest inbetween.

We started with an exercise that was like a press up crossed with the downward dog yoga position, where you rocked your bum back as your lowered your chest into a pushup position. We did 5 sets before we moved onto the next sets of exercises, squats, mountain climbers and V-sits.

Written down, this doesn’t sound too challenging, but believe me it was tough. Really really tough! Darren didn’t let us off lightly either, to end the class with a bang he took out a deck of cards and asked us to pick at random. Each card was assigned to a different number of specific exercises, for example the Queen was 15 burpees, Jack was 20 press ups and Ace was all of the exercises – so we might do 20 press ups, 15 burpees, 10 squats etc all of the other – which of course someone pulled out!

We finished off with some stretches and flexibility moves, which reminded me of breakdancing and martial arts rolled into one. We all left with homework to practise the moves for next week and release our inner animal.

Hannah Gets Hench Animal Fitness Bootcamp

Darren’s class was probably one of the toughest workouts I’ve done (as you can see from the after photo!) but at the same time it was really fun to do!

Everyone was laughing and smiling and having a good time, especially doing the gorilla squats! I’m going to the London Health Show next week so I can’t attend the class on Tuesday, but I will definitely be back the week after!