Motivation Monday: Get fit with HIIT

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Today is just a really quick post about my new favourite workout – HIIT training!

Ok, so HIIT (high intensity interval training) isn’t really a new favourite, I’ve been dabbling with HIIT for the last few months but more recently I have been sticking to it successfully and I can already see some great results in such a short space of time.

What is HIIT?

HIIT training means alternating between pushing your body to its maximum heart rate and resting. These are alternated in short intervals from 30 seconds to a minute, with longer or equivalent periods of rest. For example, working for 30 seconds maximum heart rate, then 1 minute of rest.

HIIT training is so effective because it basically puts your body into shock and encourages it to work harder and burn more fat. While you burn around the same amount of calories during the workout as you would with steady-state cardio methods, such as running, due to (que fancy scientific word) excessive post-oxygen consumption. This basically means that because the intensity of the exercise forced your body to work so much harder than normal, you expend more energy trying to recover to the state you were in pre-exercise and this continues for hours after, so even if you’re snuggled up on the sofa watching Corrie, you are still burning calories!

The brilliant thing about HIIT is you don’t even have to be a trained acrobat to do it, you can apply it to any cardio exercise. Treadmill, done! 30 seconds running uphill as fast as you can go vs 30 seconds not moving for 25 minutes will be all that you need for a great workout. Or you can use different body weight moves with periods of rest like Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, does in this video (which is really great for beginners, but ouch those burpee mountain climbers are killers!)

Once you’ve gotten familiar with the moves you want to do, you can use apps such as Interval Timer to make sure that you are hitting the right times. This one is great because you can create your own workouts, enter how many sets and how many reps you are doing, and the app will make a sound of your choice every 30 seconds. Flashing pink during high intervals and green during rests.

I’m not gonna lie, after a good HIIT workout you may feel like you are dying! You’ll feel dizzy, sick and sooo tired. If you’re new to it then it may be best to start off doing shorter intervals, for 25 seconds rather than 30, or extend your rests to 1 minute, so you dont feel liek youre having a heart attack. But other than that, HIIT is perfect for all ages and abilities, and it has amazing fat burning results!

Hope this has given you some extra motivation!