Swapping cream eggs for squats: The 40 Days of Fitness Challenge

40 Days of Fitness button

It’s officially the first day of lent and while I am not religious person, I always enjoy the challenge of trying to give something up over the 46 day period.

If you know me at all, you’ll be aware that this usually results in a failed attempt to give up cream eggs. Culminating in me consuming an even greater amount of cream eggs than I ever would have, if I hadn’t tried to give them up in the first place .

So this year I am going to shake up my usual lent habit and instead of giving something up I am going to be taking on a new fitness challenge everyday, as I will be joining DW Fitness Clubs’ 40 Days of Fitness Challenge. During the 46 days of lent I will be completing a new exercise everyday, with Sundays dedicated to rest.

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