Han V. Food: Mud Crab Cafe

I have a confession to make….I am a burger addict. A habit which is ritually fed by every quirky, bohemian burger venture that Manchester has to offer. If there is an amazing burger rumoured to exist, I will have to check it out.

Last saturday I battled through the snow and (delayed) metrolinks for a date with my burger destiny. Mud Crab Cafe in Didsbury was the venue, The Original Dirty Burger was the chosen one.

Despite a tantalising menu of wacky and wonderful creations, including the Duck & Waffle – slow roasted duck with a maple syrup hash browns – and the Greek USA – a cheeseburger with peanut butter and fried egg – I was instantly drawn to the loaded feast of tender pulled pork, BBQ sauce and premium beef that is the Original Dirty Burger.

Tucked away at the end of Didsbury Village, Mud Crab Cafe captures the effortless charm that so many Manchester restaurants try to imitate. Offering Didsbury residents a slice of the eccentric vibe found in the Northern Quarter, mixed with the maturity of a Chorlton hang out. With a lavish cocktail bar at the front, avant-garde decor and plenty of ample seating opportunities, the restaurant ticked all of the brunch time criteria that we could have hoped for.

I had skipped breakfast for the occasion, something which I never normally do, so I was properly famished by the time we ordered. I shared a Middle Eastern Starter plate with my boyfriend to begin with, which I’m afraid I didn’t photograph as we practically inhaled it. It was tasty, with oil soaked vine leaves, hummus and onion bhajis, but it was on the smaller side. Considering it was meant to be a sharing plate for a few people it didn’t last very long and we polished it off within a few minutes.

Without too much of a wait the main meals arrived. Dog dishes filled with condiments appeared on the table, adding to the quirky atmosphere. As a regular visitor to Black Dog Ballroom, I did wonder why they haven’t cottoned on to doing the same thing too.

IMG_0088 (1)

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5 tips to get the most out of your gym in January

January gym

After an entire month of eating chocolate for breakfast and indulging in rich food, January is here and it’s time to get back to our normal routines by hitting the gym again.

The trouble is everybody is having the same idea, we are all desperately clutching at our newly appointed winter blubber wondering how on earth we could let ourselves go so much.

Unfortunately, the communal spirit is not shared when it comes to working out together.  Hundreds of regular gym goers will roll their eyes at the abundance of fresh meat pounding the treadmills, eagerly trying to erase Christmas 2014.

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Foods of the day

Sunday is the one day of the week where you’ll have plenty of time to prepare the culinary delights that you’ve been dreaming about all week. However, if you’re anything like me, Sunday means pilfering the leftovers in the fridge and cursing yourself for not doing a big food shop earlier.

You don’t have to have a gourmet larder to rustle up some healthy, filling meals to fuel your workouts. Here are 3 quick meals I’ve put together today.

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