Using exercise to heal

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Apologies for my lack of recent blog posts.

The last month of my life has been heartbreaking to say the least and I would have felt inappropriate writing about something trivial during this tragic time. I’ve been debating channeling all of my feelings into a blog post, but honestly I will never find the right words to express what has happened, nor would I be happy about sharing it with the world. Maybe I will feel differently in a few months, but right now I choose to keep it private.

However, this blog has always served as an outlet for my emotions. Although I have never used it to delve into a darker side of my life, I have always found writing cathartic, even if it’s just by making sense of words written down on a page. Writing helps me to become present in the moment and puts the brakes on my troubles for the time being.

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The perfect gym bag? Jim Bag review

Jim Bag review

I’m going to make a bold statement: it’s hard being an active woman*.

Working full time usually means you choose between a social life, working out, or sleep. In order to nail the first two, I often have to resurrect myself out of my warm bed at 5.45 to fit in a gym session before work at 9am.

But getting up early is only half of the battle.

Can we just talk about how much stuff I have to carry to the gym to make sure I look half normal for work? Read more

8 differences between a no-frills gym and a health club

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Recently I switched from The Gym group to Bannatyne’s and I just wanted to write up my thoughts about the difference between a no-frills gym and a so-called health club.

Upgrading gyms did not come easy to me, I have been a loyal member of The Gym for around three years now, which makes me feel quite old, and honestly I have never really had a problem with it. I was always under the impression that you don’t need to pay more for all those extras as long as the equipment was good quality and varied. This is something I  still stand by, but now I am one of those people who want the extras. Read more

How to stay healthy at a festival

girls standing at lost village festival

I can hear you moaning already, ‘who wants to be healthy at a festival?’ I know I know, I’m that person that sucks the fun out of everything. The whole sentence is basically an oxymoron, fun AND healthy, how is that even possible right?

True, a festival is one of the only places where you can free yourself from the shackles of adult-life and go shower-and-inhibitions free for a weekend, but it doesn’t automatically mean you have to have a super unhealthy weekend and come back 10 lbs heavier. Some of us work really hard to stay in shape and look after ourselves, so why shouldn’t we enjoy a sprinkling of health over our leisurely activities? Read more

Tips to stay safe when running outdoors

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Source: Kyle Kranz Unsplash

Despite the fact it’s (kind of) summer, you must always keep your personal safety in mind when running outdoors. It’s not just you and the treadmill anymore, you’re running in the big wide world and you never know what kind of horrible humans are out to harm you.

This may sound a little dark for a blog, but I haven’t come across any articles that discuss the importance of safe running but it’s something that massively affects runners, especially us females, so it’s a topic I want to discuss*. 

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I survived the Leeds Half Marathon

Leeds half marathon medal

NO? Ok I’ll stop then.

But that doesn’t change the level of excitement that this post still carries!

Last Sunday I completed the Leeds Half Marathon! The reason I am so pleased about it is that:

a) I am not a runner and have previously only ran 12 km but I ran 13 miles
b) I LOVED it
c) I did it in 2:15.21

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15 things to remember before a half marathon

collage of girl holding race day number

My half marathon is only a few days away and it’s safe to say I’m scared. As some of my friends have run a half previously, I thought I could reach out to them and gain comfort from their experience.

Here’s some of the things people said:

“I  started crying in the second half because I was in so much pain.”

“Why would you do that to yourself?”


“My friend was sick halfway round the course”

“You’re mental. Why would you ever want to do that?!”

And so on…


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